UTR Number

Fast UTR Number Application

To Apply for a UTR Number simply input your information using the following form

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    What is a UTR Number?

    A UTR number is a unique ten digit (e.g. 12345 67890), issued by HM Revenue & Customs to identify Tax payers within their systems. UTR Number is alternatively known as Unique Taxpayer Reference number. UTR numbers are issued to the following types of entities:

    • Individuals
    • Companies
    • Trusts
    • Charitable Organisations
    • Partnerships

    How to Get a UTR Number?

    Although UTR numbers are issued by HMRC, as specialised HMRC agents, we can arrange to order this number on your behalf. Simply complete the above form and we will be in touch. Please note that HMRC issue the number directly and we will submit information on your behalf. It is vital that the information be correct in order for the application to go through.

    To help with the application, we will send some information in the post, including an agent authorisation form (64-8). This will help us identify any problems with HMRC that may arise during your application for a UTR Number. It is important that you complete the pack to the best of your ability and return it using the envelope enclosed.

    The service we offer is free, but we hope that you will consider using ourselves to help you with the completion of your eventual Tax return and related accounting services. We help many people get very sizeable Tax rebates going back for up to four years. Some of our larger Tax rebates have been over £10,000 in value.

    You may also require assistance with your CIS registration if you work in the Construction Industry. Please let us know whether this is something that you require assistance with.